November 27, 2009

Jon & Kate’s Divorce to be Finalized Soon

Posted in Celebrity Divorce, Divorce tagged , at 5:45 pm by demetriagraves

There’s been lots of media attention regarding the recent divorce arbitration hearing of Jon and Kate Gosselin. John arrived at the hearing with a bouquet of Roses for his estranged wife Kate which she turned down. Many have criticized this action as a media stunt to get attention.

The Goseselins were turned into celebrities by TLC’s reality TV series, ‘Jon & Kate plus eight’, which came to its own conclusion when the finale of the show aired recently. The show closed somewhat prematurely because of on-air squabbles and feuding, which fuelled the scandal of their impending divorce. The original concept of the show was to portray a wholesome family atmosphere, it did start off in this vane when it first aired two years ago and its many heartwarming images were a major contributing factor to the show’s popularity. When Jon and Kate announced their split in June their feuding spread to the tabloids and the shows days were numbered. Kate filed for divorce after numerous tabloid accounts of Jon’s infidelities.

Overall it appears that the marathon six hour divorce hearing went well and all indications are that their divorce will be final by the end of this year. The discussions in the hearing were to address unresolved marital issues including division of marital property and custody of their twins and sextuplets. Apparently Jon isn’t keen for the children to be part of any further TV filming and this was probably discussed in the hearing. Originally Kate wanted to continue with the show, but now it would be more about the kids how Kate copes as a newly single mother of eight kids. Jon’s opposition to further filming of the kids has put the possibility of further shows in question.

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