December 3, 2009

Is Tiger on Par for a Divorce?

Posted in Celebrity Divorce, Divorce tagged , at 10:33 pm by demetriagraves

The internet and other media have been ablaze with speculation regarding the future of Tiger Woods’ marriage to Elin Nordegrin Woods. There have been many recent allegations that Tiger has been involved in several affairs. Now it seems that Tiger himself has come clean admitting that he’s only human and cheated. Or in his own words, Tiger said he, “Regrets those transgressions” and admitted that he’s “not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves.”

Speculation on Tiger’s personal life started ramping up when he was involved in a minor car accident near their home in the wee hours, the day after Thanksgiving. It’s alleged that Tiger smashed the SUV he was driving because he and Elin were arguing over his recent alleged indiscretions.

Tiger and Elin married on Oct 5, 2004. They first met in 2001 when he was 26 and she was 21.  Elin was working for fellow golfer Jesper Parnevick as his Nanny. Jesper seems to have been the only Golfer to publicly speak out against Tiger’s actions. It seems that Jesper’s feeling bad about introducing them, in the first place.  Perhaps no other celebrities have been willing to speak out against Tiger’s actions as they’ve been involved in similar indiscretions themselves. So far, Tiger’s major Sponsors haven’t expressed any hints of dropping their sponsorship of Tiger. If things start getting too ugly they may be forced to change their stance, based on public opinion.

Tiger and Elin have two young children: Their daughter Sam Alexis who is almost two and a half and their son, Charlie Axel who will be one next February. It seems like the Woods family has some big decisions ahead and Tiger has asked for privacy. Not much is known about Elin as she has kept a very low public profile. The actions of her Husband may force her to step into the spotlight and take center stage.

Hillary Clinton received her fair share of negative press for her support of her Husband, former President Clinton when his infidelities were being played out across Global Media in great detail. Many criticized Hillary for staying married, rather than immediately filling for divorce. So Elin has a difficult path to navigate and I’m sure that both of them will be wanting to make sure that they do what is best for their kids.


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