December 18, 2009

Jenny Sanford Divorcing South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

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Well, it seems like another one of our public figures, Governor Mark Sanford, has been caught having an affair and his wife has now filed for divorce. He’s also had a narrow escape from the grips of the S.C. Ethics Commission.

Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, has announced that she is filing for divorce from the state official in the wake of his extramarital affair.

Jenny Sanford said in her statement to the public that she chose to announce her divorce filing before the information became known to the public in another way.

The decision comes after months of trying to reconcile with the governor after he admitted to having an affair with woman from Argentina.

Jenny Sanford relocated with her four sons from the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion to a home in Charleston, S.C., in August.

From June 18 – 24, Governor Sanford’s whereabouts were unknown to the public, Mrs. Sanford and the State Law Enforcement Division. The governor had told his staff that he would be hiking on the Appalachian Trail while he was gone.

Upon his return, Governor Sanford learned that the media had begun gathering evidence to prove his true whereabouts and held a press conference shortly after, during which he admitted that he had actually traveled to Argentina to have an affair with María Belén Chapur.

With news of the affair made public, South Carolina’s Ethics Commission moved to impeach the governor or force him to resign, but on December 3, the commission voted to remove most of the charges against him as the scandal didn’t warrant overturning the election results.

On December 9, the commission voted 6-1 against impeaching the governor, arguing that there were more important matters they needed to attend to. However, by a unanimous vote, the commission did vote to censure him.


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