January 26, 2010

Dennis Hopper to divorce his fifth wife on his ‘deathbed’.

Posted in Celebrity Divorce, Divorce tagged , at 2:10 am by demetriagraves

There are reports on the internet that actor and film-maker Dennis Hopper has filed for divorce from his fifth wife on his deathbed. The 73-year-old star of Easy Rider, Rebel Without A Cause and Apocalypse Now is battling prostate cancer and is reported to have less than a month to live.

Hopper and Victoria Duffy, 41, have been married 14 years and have a daughter, Galen, six. He is understood to be trying to cap the amount she will receive from his will at a quarter of his estate.

In court papers Hopper lists the date of separation as last Tuesday and offers to pay spousal support. He is also requesting joint legal and physical custody of Galen.

One report claimed Duffy had “barricaded herself in” to their California home while Hopper was in hospital.

There are allegations that sadly it’s all about the money and who inherits what, in particular getting Victoria out of the will.

“I wish Victoria the best, but only want to spend these difficult days surrounded by my children and close and friends,” Hopper said in a statement. Hopper has four children from his five marriages.

Dennis Hopper’s eldest daughter from a previous marriage, Marin, age 47 is reportedly behind his plans to divorce and is said to be heavily involved in the process. Marin never liked Victoria who is six years her junior and the fact that Marin will probably get more money from her father’s estate with a divorce, it’s understandable why she’d be encouraging the idea of divorce.

There’s much speculation that Dennis is acting under duress as he is apparently on heavy medication and may have little idea of what is going on and be unable to make key decisions. It’s expected that he would be on heavy painkillers that would essentially make him sleepy all the time and probably mentally incapacitated to some degree. So this brings up the whole question of him being of sound mind and that is something that will need to be determined.


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