February 18, 2010

Flavor Flav Support Payment Mysteries

Posted in Child Support tagged at 11:56 pm by demetriagraves

Rap veteran FLAVOR FLAV has played down reports he owes his ex-girlfriend more than $63,000 in child support payments, insisting he’s been making frequent contributions to pay for their kids’ education. That’s not so mysterious, but wait…

Angie Parker, who is the mother of three of Flav’s seven children, won a court judgment recently to increase the Public Enemy star’s monthly payments from $117 to $837.72. Mystery number one: How he ever managed to get away with paying only $117 per month when he has been a star for longer than some of his seven kids have been alive?

Another mystery is how Flavor managed to accrue $63,000 in back payments when his monthly payments have been so low?

The  recent ruling was made to include their third kid, who was born years after their original child support agreement in 1996.  Now think about that one! Angie divorces Flav, is getting support for years and THEN has another child with him??

The new deal, which is expected to cover the youngsters’ tuition at a private school, was retroactive to 2008, when Parker filed the appeal for an increase.

This is not the first time Flav has been accused of failing to adequately support his children; his daughter made similar claims in January, 2009, and another woman with whom he has three kids, Karen Ross-Fortunate, has also made similar allegations.

But the hip-hop star, real name William Drayton, Jr., is adamant he’s not turned his back on his ex and is dealing with his financial commitments. He’s claiming that he has made many payments to Parker outside of the court order. He wants to make it clear that he hasn’t been neglecting his children.

The child support debt isn’t Flav’s only money problem – the 50 year old was recently reported to owe more than $183,000 in unpaid taxes. Given the complicated financial structure of the music business, that isn’t very mysterious at all.


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