April 23, 2010

Tiger and Elin – Still on Par for a Divorce?

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While Tiger Woods is devoting time and energy getting back into competitive golf, wife Elin Nordegren appears to be spending hers planning an exit strategy from her fractured marriage, a move that could cost Tiger as much as $200 million.

Indeed, the five-month sex scandal seems now to be an almost insurmountable barrier to any reconciliation. Woods allegedly had affairs with an assortment of cocktail waitresses, Vegas hostesses, party girls and porn stars, including the 21-year-old daughter of his next door neighbor.

Still Woods appeared to at least be going through the motions to make amends. He offered profuse apologies, attended rehab, took a leave from professional golf and expressed his profound hope that he could save his six-year marriage, which has produced two children.

But in the weeks since he announced his return to golf, his relationship with Elin appears to have taken a turn for the worse. Multiple reports — now too numerous to be totally untrue — now claim that Elin is ready to move on. Elin has yet to spend one night with her husband since his stint in rehab.

While he got ready for the storied Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga. Elin grew even more distant. She was reportedly furious because of his early return to golf, and was a no-show at the tournament. The two have since taken separate vacations.

In the latest developments, Nordegren is reportedly talking to lawyers in Florida and California, though there are reports that Florida is the most likely venue because the couple reside there most often. Florida divorce law encourages reconciliation and Tiger and Elin will have to attend mandatory counseling before a divorce can proceed in Florida.

A major issue in the any divorce will likely be a prenup agreement that limited Elin’s settlement to $20 million, but only if she stays in the marriage 10 years. She recently bought a $2 million estate, called Faglaro Mansion, on a secluded island outside of Stockholm. The island is only reachable by boat. Nordegren is also eying other properties in Sweeden, according to local press reports.

What ever settlement limits Nordegren faces because of a prenup, she will like make up for in child support payments, which are sure to be hefty given the lifestyle — multiple homes, private jets, chauffeured travel, full-time nannies –the children have enjoyed.

All told, she could reap as much as $200 million and perhaps more, according to various reports. Still anything can happen. With the size of their assets — estimated near $1 billion — it could take more than a year to unwind the estate.


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