May 4, 2010

Halle Berry Split – What Happens With Their daughter?

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Recently, it’s been confirmed by a representative for Halle Berry that she has broken up  with Gabriel Aubry – and it turns out that the actress and French-Canadian model parted ways a while ago.

“Berry and Aubry have been split for some time,” her rep tells, “but they remain close friends and committed parents to their daughter.”

Berry, 43, and Aubry, 34, met at a 2006 Versace photo shoot. Their daughter Nahla was born in March 2008, two years later. They are reportedly in negotiations to work out a custody agreement regarding their 2-year-old daughter Nahla.

Both Berry and Aubry have taken the very responsible steps to ensure they both remain in the life of their daughter in a productive and positive way. The decision to split apparently happened months before now but the matter of working through a custody agreement that suited both sides delayed the public confirmation of the split.

Aubrey is quoted as saying that the relationship was great but then he found himself attracted to another and thought Berry deserved better than that, opting for that reason to end the relationship and go their separate ways. Berry has put their child first in acceptance of the parting of ways rather than using the child to hang onto a relationship that has gone as far as it could.

Berry has been married and divorced twice before Aubry and they never wed. The star hasn’t had a good track record when it comes to men. Her first marriage to former Atlanta Braves slugger David Justice lasted four years and ended with a nasty divorce in 1997 amid reports he abused her and even left her with thoughts of suicide. She rebounded with hubby No. 2, singer Eric Benét, in 2001, but their union went belly up four years later after he made headlines for cheating.

Aubry and Berry have been together four years, so its seems like there is a pattern emerging, perhaps a four year itch, rather than the cliched seven.  So far everything seems amicable, there are even rumors that Berry has a new man. It seems as though the Parties are amicable and I hope this flows into their custody negotiations.  In the long run, their daughter would benefit tremendously from “friendly” negotiations.  These “friendly” demeanors may change with the introduction of “child support” negotiations.


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