June 10, 2010

“Demetria Kept it Real”

Posted in Testimonial tagged at 12:32 pm by demetriagraves

“I first made contact with the Law Offices of Demetria Graves back in a time where I needed advice and counsel in the most urgent and cost effective manner. I needed a strategy that could help me address my situation while supporting my budgetary challenges. I had solicited several firms prior to Demetria Graves and recognized rather quickly that she had the technical expertise I needed and was very reasonably priced.

Demetria has been very responsive and diligent in her actions to mitigate personal exposure on my part. She was very forthright in laying out the truth and reality associated with the process. Sometimes the truth in these situations isn’t what you want to hear, but Demetria was very good a keeping it real and never sugar coating any personal exposure and/or financial commitments that will be imposed by the courts. For me the truth was essential and the truth is what clients can rely on from Demetria and her staff.

Because of Demetria’s strategic approach to mitigating and minimizing my long-term damages, I am pleased to say I successfully got through the process and while I am committed to the financial support of another, I feel I was well represented and was able to weigh the options and make the right decision for my life moving forward.

Demetria Graves and her staff strike me as a vibrant young up and coming firm with the right energy and fortitude to tackle the most difficult and complex cases, while remembering the economics of it all. For this I am grateful and appreciative.  It has allowed me to move on and begin a new chapter with brighter things to come.”

Robert C. Harrelson


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