July 9, 2010

Bullock’s Divorce Final

Posted in Celebrity Divorce tagged at 4:54 pm by demetriagraves

It’s now officially over for Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, with recent news that Sandra Bullock’s divorce has been finalized. The couple seemed to be doing well in their five year marriage and it was only announced that they were calling it quits and Sandra was filing for divorce in April. This news came soon after the 45 year old actress won her first Oscar in February this year. The major cause for the break-up was James’ cheating. The divorce papers cited “discord or conflict of personalities” as the reason for the split.

The fact this divorce was finalized so quickly, has many people in Hollywood wondering how did she do it so quickly. Sandra filed for divorce in Texas where she has a home and divorce in that state can be fast, finalizing in as little as 60 days provided there’s agreement on both sides and relative few issues to contend with. So it is possible to get a fast and relatively painless divorce, getting firm agreements in place is the key.

It appears that they had all the elements to make it a quick divorce. There were agreements on everything from both parties avoiding any major challenges. This included no spousal support for either party, no major issues on property or children and no drama. The settlement was probably amicable. All that was left was the final decree to be formalized.

It’s unclear if the couple had a prenuptial agreement but James isn’t eligible for spousal support under Texas law because they were married for less than 10 years, which is the minimum to qualify for spousal support in Texas.

Sandra and Jesse are both now legally single and by law they would have to wait 30 days before they can get married again. The divorce also helps clear the way for Sandra to finalize the adoption of her son Louis as a single mother.

James may get a chance to get closer to Sandra Bullock . There are rumors James will be relocating to Austin with his kids, so they can still be around Sandra and life can continue. It’s presumed that a private visitation agreement has been worked out regarding Sandra and the kids.


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