August 27, 2010

Child Support – Why you need an attorney

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Child support is one of those contentious issues that parents often disagree on. Firstly, what is child support? Child support is some form of assistance, often financial, which is paid by the non-custodial parent to the parent who has custody of the children. The state recognizes the importance of parents providing for their children, whether separated or divorced.

It is unfortunate that many parents do not fulfill their financial obligations to their children. There are several ways that a custodial parent can get the necessary support for their children. There are a number of people who try to go through their local government or the state to gain support for their children, which is often not the most effective method. Each state has its own requirements for the payment of support and each state maintains its own procedures for debt collection. Since there are many different methods that are adopted by governments for child support amounts, custodial parents are often confused about the process and sometimes do not know when or if they are paid. This whole process can be very confusing and frustrating for the parent with custody. For this reason, seeking the advice of a family law attorney is your best course of action.

There are a variety of reasons why employing the services of a family law attorney may be advantageous. An attorney has the legal capacity and resources to ensure that the custodial parent is receiving the support they deserve. In contrast to the handling of a state agency, an attorney will work on behalf of a person for financial support required is paid. A family law attorney may need to pursue a number of avenues to get payment of support. Any parent who has difficulty in obtaining the necessary support should always contact a competent family law attorney to get advice on available support options.

Most people find that when they use an attorney they’ll get fast, effective results in the receipt of past and current support for their children. If you are unsure of what your right and or obligations are regarding child support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer a free initial consultation where you can get all your questions answered.


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