December 10, 2010

Dating & Divorce

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One of the most common questions I get asked as a family law attorney is regarding dating and divorce. If you are going through a divorce and trying to move on with your life, you may be thinking about dating. You might think that your daily life is difficult and stressful, and the friendship, help and change seen in a new relationship could be a positive experience. Until your divorce is final, you must carefully think about how you handle relationships, and how a new relationship could influence your divorce case.

When pondering a relationship, keep in mind that legally you’re still married; therefore actions you take until your divorce is final could affect how your divorce proceeds and some common considerations apply. Your family law attorney can provide you with essential guidance, based on your problem, state law and how these concerns are dealt with within your area. Sometimes it is significant to learn how the judge within your suit treats particular circumstances.

Keep in mind that separation can be very a stress filled and emotional experience for all concerned. Sometimes individuals don’t like to see their partners moving on with their lives and also dating and they can respond by being much less cooperative in the separation proceedings. This leads to additional conflict, time, plus expenses, even if you and your soon to be ex-partner acknowledge that finalizing your breakup is the best for both of you. Maintaining a low profile in case you date just before your separation is finalized could be the best move to make from a realistic standpoint.

Areas that might be influenced by dating before your breakup is finalized are spousal support along with property and asset settlement, as well as child custody plus visitation. Once again, your attorney can best guide you on the problem of whether dating could have any influence in your case.

In nearly all American states, the law allows you to get a separation dependent on reasons, which means one spouse’s activities are the cause of the breakup, or a no-fault breakup which tends to be more common. Examples of grounds are cheating, desertion or rudeness. American states approved no-fault regulations, recognizing that partnerships break down with no error of one partner or the other, it is very typical to get a no-fault divorce. In numerous states, dating prior to your divorce is finalized might fall within the lawful meaning of infidelity. If you’re dating whilst still wedded, it is possible that your spouse might raise the problem of infidelity.

A new romantic relationship could affect spousal support or asset division. If you’re living with your new partner, your spouse may argue that your expenses and needs are much less, and also the scenario must be a factor in determining assistance along with real estate division. This may be important, simply because as soon as your divorce is final, modifying a support order can be difficult.

Separation produces many changes for your children, and coping with those alterations, which may contain their parents’ fresh marriages, could be particularly hard for them. Parents usually want to concentrate on giving stability and help for their youngsters at this time. Many individuals pick gradual introductions plus integration when bringing their kids and a fresh dating interest together. A new relationship could be a factor in case custody plus visitation concerns aren’t yet settled in your divorce. A child’s best concerns are the typical standard employed in determining these problems, to ensure your child’s well-being.

A court could think about what level of participation your kids have with the individual you’re dating, whether or not they presents any risk to your kids, along with factors such as living collectively which may be against your child’s best interests. As for child assistance, in a case where you’re residing with someone, your spouse might attempt to indicate that housing-related expenditures are shared, so there’s much less need for help. Here, too, it could be essential to regard everyone’s sentiments, and also it can help to maintain a low profile. Bear in mind, courts have discretion in determining these concerns, plus your attorney can help you assess your scenario. I offer a free initial confidential consultation where you can get all your questions answered.


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