December 30, 2010

Kelsey’s Quickie Divorce Request

Posted in Celebrity Divorce tagged at 1:23 pm by demetriagraves

Kelsey Grammer has asked a judge to put a rush order on his divorce from Camille Grammer, so he can re-marry but the split could end up being very expensive. The actor has requested that a judge grant the divorce decree as quickly as possible, sorting out the financial details later – which is known as a bifurcation. According to reports Kelsey has requested the bifurcation so he can end the marriage to his third wife Camille which will allow him to marry his fiancee Kayte Walsh.

According to California law, a divorce can become final six months after a petition is filed. Camille, who currently stars on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” filed for divorce on July 1, 2010, so if the judge grants Grammer’s request for bifurcation, it will be finalized on Jan 1, 2011 which is the planned wedding date for Kayte & Kelsey, who have been engaged for several months. Kayte is a 29 year old British flight attendant and was pregnant with their first child but unfortunately mis-carried a couple of months ago.

The Emmy-winning actor has two children with Camille, daughter Mason, 8, and son Jude, 6. He also has two older daughters, Spencer and Greer, from previous relationships.
The split from Camille could end up costing the actor big bucks. Apparently Kelsey and Camille never signed a prenuptial agreement, meaning that all the money they earned during their marriage will be divided 50-50 and Camille could walk away with more than $50 million. It’s rumored that the couple amassed a fortune in excess of $100 million during their 13-year marriage. Much of it was invested in real estate – the couple has homes in California, Hawaii, New York City, the Hamptons and Colorado. They are said to be working out a financial settlement.



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