January 6, 2011

Is January Divorce Month

Posted in Divorce tagged at 2:10 pm by demetriagraves

Have you decided that divorce or legal separation is one of your New Year’s resolutions? If so, you’re not alone as the first few weeks of the new year is often one of the busiest times for divorce and many family law attorneys notice an increase in clients seeking divorce consultations. In many legal circles January is often known as ‘Divorce Month’ as it seems to be one of the most popular times of the year to file for divorce.

January is the coldest month of the year and apparently, the frosty vibe extends beyond the temperature and can affect many relationships. The holidays can be hectic and relationship issues can come into sharper focus when stressed-out couples spend more time together. But is January’s bad rap really deserved?

For better or worse, the numbers suggest that ‘Divorce Month’ is real. According to published statistics, January has the most legal breakups. Some studies have even tried to identify a single D-day. The most popular filing date does vary depending on where you look and there probably are many factors to consider. But interestingly enough, some common denominators for popular ‘Divorce Day’ dates have emerged. The two biggest contenders are: The first Monday after the kids return to school and the start of the first full working week after the holidays.

Nailing down a single ‘Divorce Day’ may seem a little ambitious but the month of January consistently sees the most divorce filings, which is an amazing phenomenon. If you are considering divorce and making a fresh start to the year, please make sure that you get the right advice from and experienced Family Law Attorney. If you’d like to discuss this matter further, I offer a free initial consultation where you can get all your questions answered.



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