February 26, 2011

Former ‘Bachelor’ Aaron Buerge Files for Bankruptcy

Posted in Bankruptcy tagged at 4:44 am by demetriagraves

Former Bachelor Aaron Buerge joined the ranks of celebrities that have filed for bankruptcy when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last week. Aaron who is a banker and restaurant owner has hinted that his problems were aggravated by the collapse of a bank that held a loan for his restaurant business – a loan that the new note-holder wanted him to pay back more quickly than he had planned. Aaron and his wife Angye McIntosh listed liabilities of $9.3 million and assets of $2.3 million. Included in the list of assets is Angye’s diamond engagement ring.

The Season 2 Bachelor star insists that he’s not broke or in financial distress and says that his businesses are operating normally, but he has filed for bankruptcy to protect some private assets that his creditors were after.

Aaron is now a married father of an 18-month-old girl, he has stated that protecting his loved ones is his top priority. Rather than getting into a long-drawn-out law-suit over the loan he felt that filing for bankruptcy was the best way to protect his family.

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