May 19, 2011

Arnold is a “Baby Daddy”

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According to latest news, Maria Shriver has hired a top divorce attorney, but hasn’t decided yet whether she wants to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger. Details are emerging regarding the former California governor’s affair with his housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena and their teenage love child, plus new information is emerging about Schwarzenegger’s financial support for his 13-year-old out-of-wedlock son.
A birth certificate has surfaced showing the boy, was born in October 1997 – just a week after Shriver gave birth to their youngest son, Christopher. Baena got divorced less than a month later. Settlement papers reveal she claimed she and her husband had no children. Schwarzenegger has been supporting the teenager. He lives with his mother in a four bedroom home in Bakersfield, Calif.

The 50 year-old Baena who is originally from Guatemala retired from the Schwarzenegger household in January after working there for twenty years.

It’s assumed that Schwarzenegger reached an agreement with Baena. By which he paid her child support, he took care of her, potentially bought her a house, and in exchange, he got confidentiality. Child support is modifiable by a court in California. Baena could always go in and say, ‘The circumstances have changed, I need more money.’ She could also ask to get the confidentiality clause lifted. She could say, ‘All of this media is happening now, people are saying things about me that aren’t true. I need to respond,’ and she could ask the court to lift that. The court probably wouldn’t, but the court could change the child support at any time.

This scandal doesn’t seem to be affecting Schwarzenegger’s Hollywood comeback. He recently announced plans to play himself in an animated TV show called “The Governator” and is scheduled to begin filming this summer on “Cry Macho,” a film drama in which he would play a horse trainer. The former world bodybuilding champion is also in negotiations to reprise what is arguably his most popular role, as the relentless killer cyborg in the “Terminator” films. Many observers are amazed the former governor risked his political and film careers, and ultimately, his family.
As for Marie Shriver, if she goes forward with divorce, she would be entitled to 50 percent of the couple’s assets. California is a community property state. Unless there’s a pre-nup, she’s entitled to half of the assets that were accrued during the marriage. Shriver would get child support, as well as spousal support. Shriver would be entitled to spousal support because she gave up her career for him, she was a broadcast journalist. Marie and Arnold have four children together.


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