June 9, 2011

Saying “I Do” to Divorce

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What happens when you separate from your spouse, is divorce the logical next step? Should I see a family law attorney even if I’m not sure if I want a divorce? These are questions I get asked regularly and there are many answers but one answer is certain and that is, it doesn’t hurt to get some advice and get your questions answered. Plus if you seek the advice of a family law attorney it doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to proceed with a divorce. Divorce is a subject that many people may not know much about, so here’s some interesting facts about divorce.

Recent surveys show that in the United States has a most reasonable standing in the nations with the most number of divorces after obtaining a separation and divorce rate of 4.95 % per 1,000 people in the country. The 7 year itch seems to be based on some truth, as 7 years is the average length of a marriage for those people who are seeking a divorce.

It seems that out of the numerous couples who gladly stated “I do” and assured the “till death do us part” have discovered that it’s hard to survive the reality of a marriage that is failing. Marriages break-down for all sorts of reasons and divorce is ‘no fault’, so legally no one is to blame for a failed marriage. The process of divorce is focused on dividing property and assets, plus working out support if applicable and determining custody if there are children.

Numerous factors have been demonstrated as being the common reasons for divorce in the United States. The most common factor is a lack of communication in the home. Then other widespread causes are financial problems, infidelity, unmet expectations, insufficient dedication, vices, inactive sex-life and mid life concerns.

If you have further questions about divorce or its other related areas such as custody and support, I offer a free initial consultation where you can get your questions answered.


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  1. Marla Gilsig said,

    Smart Divorce: Find a skilled family law mediator and move forward.

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