July 29, 2011


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Many of my clients who go through divorce want to make a fresh start and often that involves the desire to date again and find a new partner. So I’m excited to to let you know about a new website that is launching soon called NewlyDivorcedDating.com. Here’s a press release from NewlyDivorcedDating.com that gives you more information.

NewlyDivorcedDating.com, the Newest Social Networking Site to hit the Internet, set to go Live August 26, 2011

NewlyDivorcedDating.com was created in 2008. The Company was started out of personal experience and an ever-growing trend developing in the United States.  According to the Enrichment Journal the Divorce Rate in America for first, second, and third Marriages are as follows:

41% for first marriages,

60% for second marriages, and

73% for third marriages.

When people get or go through a divorce break up and/or separation there are certain challenges you are faced with. One of the main challenges that everyone faces and dreads no matter who what is, dating!  After being out of dating scene, in some cases many years, people can find it extremely hard to adapt and learn how to survive.  That’s when the idea of NewlyDivorcedDating.com was born.

NewlyDivorcedDating.com helps bridge the gap between our Members and the Dating world by giving individuals a safe and secure place to search for love, companionship, friendship, or just someone to talk to who understands what divorced individuals have been through or are going through.  However NewlyDivorcedDating.com did not stop at dating.  As we conducted more research we found that dating was not the only major challenge associated with divorce, break up, and/or separation.  Individuals needed access to resources like, Divorce Attorneys, Therapist, Real Estate Agents, Fitness Consultants, and much more.  The second aspect of NewlyDivorcedDating.com focuses on providing a repository of proven Resources to help make the transition to post divorce life as smooth as possible.  The last and one of the most important goals of NewlyDivorcedDating.com is for our Members to have fun.  Dating is supposed to be fun and we are here to eliminate some of the challenges so you can focus on finding a new relationship and have fun during your search.

Individuals that are interested in learning more about NewlyDivorcedDating.com or becoming a Member, can visit http://www.newlydivorceddating.com.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please send them to info@newlydivorceddating.com.  Thank you and we look forward to you becoming a part of our Community.


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